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    This Sunday, I’m peacing out for Brazil with Puma, popular German sports brand named after the legendary cat. I’ll be shipping out with Simko, Josh, Travis, James and Chung.

    To keep with my usual style of posting, I’ll be taking a look at Brazilian literature, folklore and…

    I’m sadly unfollowing Textbook and Simko until this blows over because as much as Puma’s Dubai bit was fun (ohh hai lots of people I follow, respect and am buddies with got sent for a change instead of I dunno Coolhunting, not that I am not friends with Josh and Evan too but you know, at least the guest list was a little different than the usual suspects) it ended up being so frustratingly overwhelming with random photos that I just couldn’t stomach it. The blogger junket is a thing and I respect that. Hell I forked over money to Mike Albo to read his novela. It was great!

    But as a marketer, blog reader and general person that follows brands I think Puma’s brand marketing team might want to tone down the drunk bloggers in exotic locals thing and try another tactic or two for a change. I’m bored and that isn’t a goods sign when its bloggers that don’t typically bore me. Not that I wouldn’t recommend to a client that they send a Conde Nast type with a big social following somewhere since I totally would if I were asked to put together an influencer campaign (full disclosure and shit) but this back to back let’s go race sailing with your favorite Tumblrs nonsense stuff is too much. 

    See you on the flip side, JF.

    lol at “conde nast type” (in a nice way)

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    See you on the flip side, JF. lol at “conde nast type” (in a nice way)
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